Eswatini Swimmers Luca Fraser and Hayley Hoy Crowned Junior Sportsman and Junior Sportswoman of the Year

In a celebration of talent, dedication, and excellence, Eswatini's sporting community came together to honor its brightest stars at the prestigious Eswatini National Sports Awards for 2023. Among the standout awardees were young swimmers Luca Fraser and Hayley Hoy, who were crowned Junior Sportsman and Junior Sportswoman of the Year, respectively. Additionally, the coaching prowess of Welcome Nhlabatsi was recognized as he clinched the Sports Coach of the Year title.

Luca Fraser: At just 13 years old, Luca Fraser has emerged as a rising star in the swimming world, showcasing remarkable skill and determination in various competitions throughout the year. His stellar performances have not only brought him personal accolades but have also shone a spotlight on Eswatini's burgeoning swimming talent on the international stage.

Hayley Hoy: Similarly, Hayley Hoy,  has been making waves in the swimming arena with her exceptional abilities and unwavering commitment to the sport. Her consistent podium finishes and record-breaking swims have marked her as one of the most promising athletes in Eswatini, earning her the well-deserved title of Junior Sportswoman of the Year.

The recognition of Fraser and Hoy underscores the remarkable achievements of young athletes in Eswatini and serves as a testament to the nation's growing prominence in aquatic sports.

Welcome Nhlabatsi: Behind every successful athlete lies a dedicated coach, and in Eswatini's case, that coach is Welcome Nhlabatsi. With a keen understanding of the nuances of various sports and a passion for nurturing talent, Nhlabatsi has played a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of athletes in the country.

His ability to inspire, motivate, and guide athletes towards their full potential has not gone unnoticed, with the Sports Coach of the Year award serving as a fitting tribute to his invaluable contributions to Eswatini's sporting landscape.

The Eswatini National Sports Awards not only celebrate individual excellence but also serve as a reminder of the power of sport to unite communities, inspire future generations, and bring pride to the nation. As Fraser, Hoy, Nhlabatsi, and other awardees bask in the glory of their achievements, they continue to inspire young athletes across the country to dream big and reach for the stars.

The ceremony, held in the capital city of Mbabane, was attended by athletes, coaches, officials, and sports enthusiasts from across the nation, all joining together to applaud the remarkable achievements of Eswatini's sporting heroes.

As the sporting calendar rolls on, all eyes are on the promising talents of Luca Fraser, Hayley Hoy, and the guidance of coach Welcome Nhlabatsi, as they continue to make waves both domestically and on the international stage, carrying the hopes and aspirations of a nation proud of its sporting heritage.

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